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3 Tips For Quickly Unpacking After A Move

It is easy to dream about settling into a new home but in reality moving to a new home is a big and super chaotic job. Everyone talks about how important packing is without realising unpacking is equally as important, cumbersome and time consuming.

Luckily, expert Sydney Residential Removalists at the House Relocation Sydney have come up with an easy guide to help you setup your new home easily!

Stay Organise

• One of the best way to pack your items is to do it in a way you can easily unpack them. Labeling your cartons and colour-coding items is a great idea to start your move in plan.

• Map out where your furniture should go ahead of time. Share your move-in plan with your removalist before they start unloading, so everything ends up in the correct place.

• Try not to stretch the process of unpacking. You might feel uncomfortable and tired for a day or two unpacking your stuff but it will only help you settle in your new home quickly.

Follow a Plan

• Go room by room, checking your inventory list to make sure every furniture and carton has arrived. Your Removalist will too have an inventory list but you should make one yourself as well so if anything appears missing you can tell the Removalist right away.

• Start by unpacking your priority carton first. This is the one with all your necessary belongings such as clothing, pajamas, toiletries, non-perishable food, and any other instant-need items.

• Next, sort out your belongings. This is where color coding and labeling cartons come in handy. It is ideal to label the sides of the cartons for easy identification in case they are stacked.

• Settle up the largest items first. Also try to set up your bedroom first because you will surely be exhausted at the end of the day. Next, set up the kitchen so you can make yourself a cup of tea or warm up milk for kids. Your bathroom is the next to get in line because you definitely want to clean up at the end of a long moving day. After that, set up your living room and do any additional rooms in the last.

Find Help

You can always hire an expert if the job of unpacking seems like too much. A professional “Residential Removalist” like House Relocation Sydney will not only pack up your old home but also unpack in your new home. This includes everything from unpacking and then taking the empty cartons away. Or alternatively, you can always call on friends or family members – it may turn into a little party!

We realize moving is a big job and hiring professional help can be a real lifesaver. So call House Relocation Sydney now at 1300 727 115 for all your residential removalist demands! Turn on some music, order pizza and make moving a hassle-free experience with our tips and expertise!

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