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Do you have a Big house, Small house, Apartment or Unit? We move people from places of all shapes and sizes but no two moves are ever the same, that’s why we offer a free Moving House Survey with professional domestic removals advice. House Relocation Sydney offers all our customers a moving survey at your home, at a time to suit you, to discuss all your removal needs.

Whether you’re moving house from a family home to an apartment, or heading from the city to the Suburbs, we’ll make your house removal as pain free as possible. We at House Relocation Sydney allow you to provide a national service yet retain excellent local knowledge, taking care of every step of your move.

We undertake literally thousands of house moves every year and have the experience to handle anything you throw at us. . As soon as you’ve decided to move house, contact House Relocation Sydney 1300 727 115 the sooner you call the better, even if you haven’t sold your house yet!

One of our professional Move Consultants will then visit you at home (at a time that suits you) and carry out a comprehensive survey of your household possessions, including those buried in the garage.

Armed with the results of your free moving house survey, we can give you an accurate cost for your move and advise on all the aspects involved, including packing and wrapping options for your most precious or delicate items. We’ll talk to you about our specialist services such as hiring of cleaners, handymen to dismantle furniture and the various short or long term storage options.

Your Move Consultant can also explain all our insurance options, from our standard cover to more comprehensive policies that protect you even if your entire house move falls through.

Although every move can be different, we’ve seen and overcome most problems. Our knowledge and experience is always available to you all of the time. So once you’ve got a date for the big day, contact us and we can make sure everything runs like clockwork.

As a type of home relocation, apartment relocations are not much different but may offer some additional challenges to regular home relocations. Generally, apartment relocations are smaller as compared to house relocations, with less furniture and less personal belongings. While the move may be smaller, you still have the concern of a safe and secure move. House Relocation Sydney provides our customers with quality apartment relocations and ensures an outstanding moving experience.

We are professionals who love each job we take on. Many home-owners over estimate themselves and underestimate the challenges of a move. House Relocation Sydney prepares for each possible challenge to ensure a smooth and secure move.

There is frustrating than a home-owner performing all of the work yourself and damage occurring during the move. The cost and the heartache take time to recover. When you hire House Relocation Sydney, you do not have a concern that something will go wrong. From the planning and preparing your move, to putting the final box in the right location, in your new destination we ensure a smooth and secure move. Our seasoned and professional home movers will make it their top priority to preserve the condition of your belongings and ensure they arrive at their new destination in the same condition that they left. Our commitment is a quality move with the least risk of damage.

The special difficulties of apartment moves

Apartment moves bring some special difficulties with them that are often overlooked when planning a move. If you are living in an apartment building with multiple floors and you are living on one of the upper floors, you need to prepare yourself for the additional task of hauling the boxes to the elevator and transporting them down the flights of stairs. Heavy boxes are a task in themselves, and you need to be prepared for the strain.

Carrying furniture up and down flights of stairs is something only a true mover enjoys. Large and bulky pieces of furniture in particular can be an absolute task to remove and carry down a flight of stairs. The work is taxing on the body, and concentration must remain to minimise the risk of damage to the items.

Our team at House Relocation Sydney prides itself in overcoming all challenges presented in furniture removals and apartment relocations, delivering excellent results. We provide our customers with professional skills and qualities that ensure a smooth and secure move with minimal stress and concerns. With us, your furniture will be safe as our furniture removalists Sydney are the best.

Packing up your belongings

On moving day, your bags, boxes and other containers should already be packed and ready for your move. Having to finish up or even start on the day of the move can greatly delay the operations and cause you to have to abandon your planned schedule. Don’t underestimate the packing either, starting on the day before your move will likely not be early enough and upset the schedule, as well.

Often times, there will be more items coming up then you are even aware of owning, so start early enough and make sure that you have enough packing supplies such as boxes, tape, newspaper, etc. in stock.

House Relocations Sydney provides our customers with packing services. We have vast experience and skill and are able to pack quickly and in the most secure manner.

Why Choose Us?

When you hire Home Relocation Sydney for your apartment move, you hire a professional with years of experience planning, preparing, packing, transporting and unpacking your items. Our furniture removalists are trained to provide assistance of even the hardest to move items. With our vast experience and individual skill sets, we are able to ensure a fast and efficient move.

We are not the type of relocation service in Sydney that just pencils in the date and arrives at your location with Joe, Pete and John to move your belongings after eating hot pastrami. We are professional movers who plan and provide you with all the information you require on moving, as well as offer assistance in every aspect of a Sydney apartment relocation.

When you hire us, you hire a professional with years of experience and one who has all the equipment, manpower and experience to ensure a smooth and secure move. We have years of experience handling even the most difficult moves.

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To receive a free quote on your upcoming apartment move, just contact us at the number listed below. Our moving specialists are available to discuss your specific needs like packing and unpacking, working odd hours, obtaining moving permits, etc. Our representatives are friendly and are here to answer all questions and concerns, as well as schedule your move with House Relocations Sydney.

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