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Home Relocation

house-relocation-sydney-300x90Home Relocation require careful wrapping and packing to avoid damage to furniture and effects, so many household policies do not cover goods in transit unless they are being packed, carried and unpacked by a professional remover.

That is why we at House Relocation Sydney offer the lowest rates for punctual, skilful and professional moves. Our team of experienced professionals can take care of all your belongings and opt for the most suitable solution to pack and move them as safely as possible.

Our expertise allow us to handle each household item to be moved with extreme care and taking into account its peculiar features. We combine great efficiency and the ability to understand your needs and provide you with a premier moving service.

Our friendly, uniformed, fully trained movers are always keen to help in any way with your house move and will take great care of everything from loading your possessions at your existing home to ensuring that every carton and piece of furniture is placed in the correct room at your new home.

Secure your belongings before your move

One of the most important things before any move is the securing of all valuables, fragile items and generally everything that is supposed to be moved during the relocation. Whether you have many breakable items such as glasses, plates and vases or a small library with many books, you need to ensure that all of your items are safely stored in boxes and other containers which will protect them from shocks, bumps and other movements in the process. If you happen to have removal boxes left over from a previous move, make sure to check them for damages caused by water. When cardboard boxes get in contact with water, they can start moulding, losing their integrity and stability in the progress. When you use such boxes that have been compromised by whichever cause, you may find yourself picking up your belongings from the ground, wondering how your box could break. Use extreme caution while examining them or simply buy a new set for your move before proceeding to pack. As part of our services, we offer to do the packing for you. This means that some of our team members will come to your house before the date of your move and to all of the packing for you. Our experienced movers will ensure that everything is stored away in a way that best protects your belongings from the dangers awaiting your things during the move. You can simply ask our representatives about our packing service and find out if your upcoming move is applicable for this service.

Handling of uncommon, fragile and valuable items

Our team is perfectly qualified to transport just about any item that is part of your home. All of our movers undergo excessive trainings to start their careers, preparing them for items of all sizes, shapes and fragility. So, whether you are in possession of Antiques, designer furniture or any other items that are especially close to your heart, we will know just how to handle them. We will ensure that both, while carrying your valuables out of your house and loading your valuable items onto the truck, your belongings are never in danger of being damaged. It can ruin the whole move to realize that an item has been damaged, making it absolutely vital to pay full attention to the safety of the items that are supposed to be moved. So, when you hire us, you can be sure that your items will be properly looked after by the best and most professional movers in the business. There is nobody better qualified to assist with your home relocation than the movers of House Relocation Sydney.

We have been part of many Home Relocations

Throughout the many years of servicing our clients in the greater Sydney area, we have helped move countless pieces of furniture, boxes and other various items that are frequently part of home relocations. Some of the moves that we have been part of were rather difficult, presenting us with challenges, which we weren’t informed about beforehand. Nevertheless, we managed to finish all of our projects in a successful fashion, overcoming all challenges and satisfying all of our previous clients. Now, years into our service in the relocation business, there aren’t many situations left, which we haven’t encountered before that could possibly cause us to break an unexpected sweat.

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For fast and reliable moving services in Sydney, contact House Relocation Sydney today. We provide furniture removals and home removals that are handled with care and consideration; and, we have the man power and the know how to provide our customers with an outstanding home relocation. We are here to discuss your needs, as well as schedule your residential relocation.

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