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Moving Locally or Interstate? Follow These Moving Tips for a Damage-Free Move

Relocating takes work; and, if you don’t have a moving company doing the job for you, the added stress and expense of damage occurring is high. Property owners need to take the precautions and necessary measures to avoid property damage when moving. If your plans include gathering boxes and tossing your items into the boxes, loading them onto a truck and transporting at the last minute, chances are damage will result, both to your packed belongings and to your home. Take the time to plan and implement a damage free move. House Relocation Sydney offers these moving tips that are designed for property owners to secure a damage free move.

Properly Packing Your Belongings

Properly packing your furniture and belongings is essential to eliminate damage during loading and transporting. From dropping boxes, to items shifting in the box and during the move, to other boxes falling on it, there are a number of potentials that can cause damage; so, proper packing is necessary. Start with doing an inventory of your belongings to determine the number and sizes of moving boxes you’ll require. Part of moving is sorting your items to determine what you’ll be transporting to your new place. This step in the moving process allows you to determine the moving materials you’ll need. Once you know what you’ll be relocating to your new home, begin to gather moving materials. If a moving company is performing your move, they likely offer moving materials. If not, ask your local vendors to collect boxes for you, purchase mattress wrap and bubble wrap, tape, gather newspapers, etc. Also, have plenty of markers for labeling boxes and a notepad for your inventory list. Secure all boxes with plenty of tapes, reinforcing the bottoms and sides. When packing, pay attention to the weight of items. Don’t pack fragile items with heavy items. Less in a box with plenty of cushions is better than a box packed solid. All boxes should have plenty of cushions, to prevent damage should the box drop or items shift. Label the boxes and record the box and items on your inventory list. If a moving company is performing your move, go over the checklist with the moving company. This will cover you should damage, or breakage occur during transport.

Take all furniture apart when possible and wrap the pieces to prevent damage and to scratch from occurring.

Moving Equipment

Having the right moving equipment will help to avoid damage to your furniture and belongings, as well as damage to your body.


Dollies are designed to move large pieces of furniture and multiple boxes without strain to your body or damage occurring from shifting or dropping. Dollies can be rented at most local hardware store, and their importance should not be overlooked.

Moving Pads

Moving pads are designed to cushion furniture when transporting to prevent damage and scratching, but can also be a great tool to slide items out the door without damaging the property’s floor.

Moving Straps

Moving straps are used to secure furniture and boxes during a move; but not just during transport. When moving a dresser out on a dolly, secure the drawers with a moving strap, your refrigerator with a moving strap, etc. Using moving straps while moving your items out of the house to load onto the truck will help ensure drawers falling out and damaging the piece or the existing property, etc.

Furniture Blankets

Furniture blankets are another protective material that will help to avoid damage during transport and can be used for several purposes- protecting the walls, floors and banisters while moving furniture, as well as the furniture itself.

Plywood Sheets

Plywood sheets can be put down on floors when moving heavy appliances out of the home, protecting the floors from damage that could result in damage and dents.

When moving take all precautions and necessary measure to prevent damage from occurring. Once the damage is done, the move is more costly. Follow the moving strategies above, keep your pathways clutter free and plan your move, allowing yourself at least a month to complete your packing. A last minute rush will likely result in damage to your furniture, belongings, and property.

House Relocation Sydney offers moving checklists as well as plenty of moving tips. To discuss your move or to enquire about our budget moving rates, contact us at the number below. We can also be reached via our webpage. We are the budget movers in Sydney that offer quality relocations both locally and Interstate.

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