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Moving? Consider These Tips

Moving from one house to the next is fairly simple. At least it is if everything is planned and executed properly. In most cases, however, the move is underestimated and turns into much more work than it should have been. Especially when it comes to specialty moves, there couldn’t be enough preparation. Interstate or even international relocation is probably the most difficult for the family involved, but also for the moving crew. During the long transit, not only the travel of the furniture and other belongings has to be planned, but also the travel of everyone involved. Flights, cargo containers and hotels need to be booked in order to ensure a smooth transition from one place to the next.

Not only long distance moves can be rather difficult, also other moves that involve less travel can be extremely stressful. One thing, however, that is capable of taking the stress out of just about any move is preparation. The better every part of the moving team is prepared for the task at hand, the more relaxed the entire move is going to be.

For that reason, you should ensure that you extend as much information to your moving crew as possible beforehand. While it may not be of much importance which colours the walls in your bedroom have, knowing the terrain in the area of the house, as well as the knowing the amount of things that need to be moved is extremely important.

Here are some of the pieces of information you should take the time for and report to your moving crew before the day of your move.

The Workload:

Likely the most important piece of information is the workload that awaits the moving crew on the day of the move. Whether you only have a few pieces of furniture and a box and a half worth of belongings or enough stuff to fill a few wholesale warehouses with makes a great difference. If your moving crew isn’t aware of the amount of work at hand, you may experience extreme delays and additional unforeseeable cost. Not only may another set of hands be needed for your move, but there may also be the need for an additional or a larger moving vehicle. As everything will come to a squeaking halt when the moving truck is filled, you will want to make sure that that situation does not occur during your move.

Tell your moving crew about the amount of boxes and other containers you have, mention the amount of furniture you would like moved and make sure to be as exact as possible. While a headcount of every box and every electrical piece of appliance may be over the top, letting the moving crew know how many square feet worth of things you own is just right. Also, specify whether your apartment is rather packed of if you are somebody who gets rid of everything just shortly after the purchase. After all, a three bedroom apartment may require a second moving vehicle in one case and hardly any work at all in the other.

Simply remember to be as precise as possible and don’t forget any important details. IT may cost you extra time, money and a headache or two that you didn’t need to have.

Space and Time constraints

Threading the needle when it comes to both time and space is generally not a problem for any experienced moving crew. However, know about such constraints can be extremely important if you want to ensure that your old and new building remain in the condition they were before your move and if you want to finish on time. For example, if you only have a limited amount of time and need to be moved out of your old apartment by a certain time on the day of your move, make sure that your moving crew is aware of these time constraints. Not only may they have to speed up their work, but it may even be wise to bring along an extra worker or two to make sure that the apartment is empty and clean by the time the new tenants or the landlord arrives to check out the state of the apartment.

The same goes for space constraints. A lot of apartments, especially in the inner city of large urban areas have walkways and staircases that leave little to no room for error. Apart from damaging your furniture, a good hard bump into the wall or the door frame of your apartment can leave you with damages that are unnecessary and avoidable. Especially when it comes to large and heavy furniture, another pair of hands can work wonders. By letting your movers know about such space related problems you can ensure that there are no damages that you are reliable for and that you don’t waste and time worrying about the state of your furniture and moving crew alike.

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